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Top 10 most beautiful women in sports

Ok. Now we’re in the top 10 and the sports world has never been more on fire. So who are the top 10 most beautiful women in sports? Read on and find out…

10. Romi Bean

Romi Bean cheerleader

Ah, cheerleaders! Romi is one of the 34 members of the Denver Broncos cheerleader team. Wait a minute, did I just say 34? Holy crap, imagine what it must be to visit their changing room after the game….

9. Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard swimmer

This is our fifth swimmer? Man, what a blessed sport. Apart from being hot as hell, Amanda is also a fantastic swimmer. She made her first Olympic appearance at the age of 14! She also got featured in several publications, including Sports Illustrated, FHM and Playboy.

8. Maria Kirilenko

Maria Kirilenko

Yet another Russian tennis player, I know. But it would be pure negligence to leave Maria Kirilenko out of this list right? A bit of trivia: she is a very good friend of Maria Sharapova. I found this info Wikipedia, and I guess it will keep my imagination busy for a while.

7. Jenny Adams

Jenny Adams track and field

This track and field American athlete got famous after she appeared on the FHM magazine “Sexy Olympic” edition. She will probably participate in the next Olympic games too, so keep an eye for the lady.

6. Daniela Cicarelli

Daniela Cicarelli soccer

Not a sportswoman, but the ex-girlfriend of Ronaldo. He is one of the best soccer players of all time, but letting this girl go was definitely a dumb thing to do. The picture says it all, I am speechless.

5. Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova tennis

This is a woman not for the faint of heart. At 6 feet and 2 inches, the Russian beauty is a former number one tennis player in the world. And she only has 20 years. I just couldn’t find if she is engaged (personally I prefer to think she is still a virgin).

4. Haley Cope

Haley Cope swimmer

Haley was born in Chico, California. Her best swimming performance was the gold medal on the world championship. We would be her fans even without these achievements though, especially after she appeared on Maxim and Playboy.

3. Alisson Stokke

Alisson Stokke pole vaulter

Allison is a pole vaulter for the California high school. She doesn’t have any major sport achievements to date, but she became immensely popular on the Internet after a big website featured her pictures. Well, after I saw the images I became her biggest fan immediately.

2. Bia e Branca

Bia e Branca swimming

No, you are not seeing double. They are actually twins. These two hot bombs come from Brazil, and they represented their country on the 2007 Pan American games on the synchronized swimming. I was able to read the local press during the event, and they received most of the coverage. No wonder why!

1. Ana Kournikova

Ana Kournikova tennis

We know that placing Ana Kournikova on top of a “hot” list is becoming a cliché. Trust us that we really tried to find someone else. After the strenuous task of analyzing ever curve of her body, on every picture that we could find on the web, we could not help but give her the first position. She is hot beyond what we thought was possible…
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