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10 Traits that Makes You a Great Girlfriend

1. She has a life of her own and it's pretty good to boot. Ladies, this means that you take care of yourself, pay attention to your personal style and find time to hang with your fabulous friends and family. You seek adventure by travelling. And you take in life's pleasures, from indulging in that sinful desser to walking through the park on a sunny day.

2. She never makes the first move. Yes, this issue has been debated to death, and there is still no true consensus. If the woman is always the one calling, she will never know if he is really interested in her or if it's just convenient for him. She may find herself questioning the relationship every step of the way. Men simply aren't programmed to think like that and therefore are better suited to the chase.

3. She is sexy with out being trampy. This means something different at the beginning of the relationship and then changes as it goes down the long-term road. In the beginning of the courtship, a woman should refrain from making any comments that are overtly sexual. She should flirt by using non-sexual touch like placing her hand on his forearm or even the knee but only briefly. When the relationship gets more serious, and presumably more intimate, sexual touch and public displays of affection are more appropriate. At this point, it's okay to play footsie under the table.

4. She waits to have sex. Yes, the sexual revolution arrived long ago and few people expect a 'pure white virginal bride' nowadays. But sex is still a pretty big step for couples. When women have sex, they release a hormone called oxytocin (also referred to as the 'cuddle hormone'), which some scientific researchers believes make women feel extra warm and fuzzy for their sex partners. So hold on and take it slow.

5. She does little things to show she cares. The bottom line is that you should want to do the little things that let him know you care and you are paying attention to his individual needs. And he should do the same for you. Don't forget that!

6. She should be her boyfriend's best wingman, erm, we mean wingwoman. Help him to look good in front of the boss. Laugh at his jokes, stand up for him and help him shine when it is important. Of course, again, he should do the same for you.

7. She never turns on the pressure. This one is important. Men have a distinct aversion to any sort of pressure. therefore, women should avoid calling and/or e-mail him many times during the day or dropping hints about the future. In fact, keep the dreaded M-word (marriage) out of your vocabulary altogether.

8. She does not take any crap from anyone. A good woman never accepts bad behavior. Guys respect women with whom they can't get away with just anything.

9. A good woman always chooses a good man. That means that you should look for someone who is honest and dependable. He has to treat you right. If he says he is going to be somewhere, he is there. Chivalry is not dead, by the way.

10. She knows that love is the biggest part of the mating equation. Just how does a good woman know she has found that crazy-for-you, toe-curling relationship? Some women have an a-ha moment, while love simply sneaks up on the rest.

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If you have ever wondered why you are successful in so many other areas and yet that one area goes unfulfilled, then Bob’s goal a secret to tell you. It’s not about trying harder! You simply need to know what to try. Visit his website at http://www.relationshipheadquarters.com/ and see yourself how powerful these insights are, when applied... to have the relationship of your dreams.


Keep Busy Before Your Date

Ideal minds have time to over-think and over-complicate the situation . Don't dedicate the entire day to waiting for your date to waiting for your date to happen. You're a busy person with lots of things to do and even if you don't have anything to do, do something! Your time is important and you are important, which brings us to the next tip.

Get Prepared for the Date

It's amazing how very often this step is overlooked. While appearance isn't everything, cleaning yourself up before going out goes a long way. Wearing a nice clean shirt, some neat pressed pants and up-to-date pair of underwear makes the impression that you are able to take care of yourself and also reflects good hygiene.

Recharge Your Batteries

Dating can be tiring, especially when managing multiple dates with different women. If you feel like taking a night off, a weekend off or a week off, well go ahead and do it. Your dates will understand that you are busy or have personal matters to attend to and they will be there when you're ready to share your time with them.

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